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TerLa Provides B&B Lodging, Agricultural Immersion and Lavender Products 


Lodging, Agricultural Immersion, Lavender Products,  

1. Lodging: Our goal is to provide a SAFE, quiet and comfortable space for travelers to unwind. We have hosted many women traveling alone. Their feedback to us is that they felt safe, comfortable and rejuvenated. We operated at a high occupancy rate during the 2020 Pandemic and no one reported an incident related to COVID19 infection. Like you, we look forward to vaccinations in 2021 that may eliminate or significantly reduce the COVID19 protocols that impacted 2020.

2. Agricultural Immersion Activities: Our Farm is no longer open to the general public for unscheduled visits.  We will announce scheduled dates that allow small groups of Customers to experience the Farm's special qualities including: U-Pick Lavender; Lavender Product Demonstrations; Lavender Cooking Classes; Sunset Viewing; Special Musical Presentations; Painting Sessions; Photography Sessions; Yoga Classes; and Other Special Activities.  Groups of four to ten people may make reservations for scheduled visits if they meet minimum product purchase requirements.  Call for details or to schedule your visit at 231-944-8335.

3. Online Lavender Store:

At our online store (, you can buy hand crafted products that bring the fragrance, taste and calming benefits of Lavender into your life. All orders over $100 are shipped free IF you call to arrange for the purchase via phone. To arrange for free shipping or customized orders, call 231-944-8335 or contact us at [email protected].  All online purchases will be subject to posted shipping fees regardless of the total order amount.

Our Response to COVID 19 

COVID 19 Update: Beginning in April of 2021, Terrazza di Lavanda will accept reservations for overnight lodging in 2021. We have implemented measures that minimize the potential of virus spread at the Farm and Lodging Accommodations. You can order our products Online at Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Take care of your family and friends!

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to: 1. provide patrons with a SAFE, quiet and comfortable B&B space to experience Up North splendor;  2. schedule opportunities for Agricultural Immersion Activities like yoga, sunset viewing, lavender harvesting, painting, music and more that allow small groups of Customers to experience the Farm's special qualities; 3. offer Hand Crafted Lavender Products that bring the fragrance, taste and calming benefits of Lavender into your life through convenient online shopping .

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B&B: We will provide the lodging necessities and conveniences required to take the worry out of your trip. Security, onsite parking, keypad check-in, large comfortable beds, showers, clothes storage, and tasty breakfasts will be made easy. You will have access to laundry facilities, internet, refrigerator, and microwave. Food will be fresh, exciting and reflective of the products grown on the farm and in the region. You will be able to eat/drink inside and out. You will have a comfortable and quiet night’s rest. 

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Agricultural Immersion:

Your Hosts will share  agricultural "lessons learned", demonstrate the benefits of lavender products and provide  access to the Farm's decompressive personality.  They will  schedule activities that allow small groups of Customers to experience the Farm's special qualities.

These activities will be announced in advance on our website and in various media.  Customers can also arrange an activity of their own design by contacting Roger or Elaine through email. 

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Hospitality: We will provide a place for patrons to comfortably indulge in the wonders of the lakes, Sleeping Bear Dunes, ever-changing skies, trees, wildlife, and gardens. We will showcase creative entertainment opportunities that can be experienced on our terrace. We will treat each patron with respectful hospitality. We will provide an opportunity for patrons to interact with their family and friends in a safe place with comfortable tables and chairs. We will have food and drinks without the lines and noise.

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The Farm: There is a spirituality to the plants, flowers, trees, walkways, and views at our farm. We offer contemplative opportunities to think about the loved ones in your lives today, those that have gone before you, and those that may be waiting to arrive. We believe there is a healing energy in the land, plants, views, sounds, products, food, drinks, and conversations provided.

If you want to experience a different and rewarding slice of the Up North while enjoying its attractions, this is the place for you!

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