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Equipment for Sale

Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

Roger Rodiek: [email protected]

Call 231-944-8335

All equipment in excellent running condition. Stored in barn during winter. Maintained according to manufacturer’s prescribed program.

1. Kubota B2650 Diesel Tractor (2016): $35k

• Front end loader

• Backhoe

• Snow blower

• Snow chains

• Forks

• Fuel containers

• 680 run hours

2. Wallenstein BXT 6224 Wood Chipper (2016): $8k

• 24 Hp Honda gasoline engine

• Handles branches to 6” diameter

• Towable

3. Load Trail Equipment Trailer (2016): $3k

• 7000# GVWR

• 18'

• Loading ramp

• Surge brakes

4. (4) Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires (2019): $750

• 275 55R20 117T

• ~ 15,000 miles

• Excellent condition

TerLa's Lavender Home Spa

We have a package of Lavender Products to help cure the winter blues: A Lavender Home Spa Package including hydrosol*, sachets, essential oil, soap, lotion, and bath salt. We use lavender grown on our farm to create products that can uplift spirits. Picture the benefits of these all-natural products in your home. You can purchase a Lavender Home Spa Package for $85 at  Shipping and Taxes are included in the $85 price.

*Hydrosol is a micro-emulsion of lavender essential oil in water. It is the byproduct of raw lavender distillation. An hour of lavender distillation requires about four quarts of raw lavender to generate about one quart of hydrosol and a fraction of an ounce of essential oil. Hydrosol is useful as an additive to bathwater. A quarter ounce of Hydrosol added (along with bath salt) to bathwater will create a relaxing and therapeutic deep soak experience. The reported benefits of lavender oil include relaxation and relief from inflammation, skin irritation, and respiratory congestion. 

TerLa Lavender Sachets make Great Wedding Favors 

Looking for a unique Wedding Favor?  Our Lavender Sachets look great and are delightfully fragrant, lightweight and transportable.  Check them out on our website (  We can fill requests for over 100 sachets in a shipment.  Call for information on bulk pricing: 231-944-8335.  Orders over $100 ship for free. 

This place rocks for wedding ceremonies (Click here to view Video).

Gift Sets are Available Online 

Looking for Gifts for a special occasion?  Visit our Online Store ( and explore affordable gifts made on the Farm by Elaine and Roger.  TerLa offers lavender themed lotions, soaps, teas, cleaning solutions, dog treats, hand balm, sachets and more.  Products can be bundled in gift boxes that will light up the room with lavender fragrance from our farm.  Call for information: 231-944-8335.

TerLa is a Great Lakes Lavender Growers Member

The Great Lakes Lavender Growers (GLLG) will hold its 6th Annual Conference virtually on March 6 and 7th of 2021.  This year GLLG is welcoming people from all over the world - everyone is welcome to the world of virtual lavender! GLLG's program is shaping up to be very exciting. Virtual programming allows for so many novel opportunities that are sure to stimulate your creative energies. For example, GLLG will be bringing virtual farm tours to you via video. You’ll get the chance to see farms you have only heard of up until now and then join a panel session where these same farm owners will discuss some of their big challenges and obstacles as well as their creative problem solving solutions. Mark you calendar and get ready for a once in a lifetime conference…”Virtual Lavender”! 

Register by clicking on … tell a friend and see you soon!